Senior Pass Going UP!

For many years Seniors, 62 and older have been able to get a life time pass to all of the U. S. National Parks for $10. Well folks that’s changing and that $10 fee is going up to $80.  I’ve tried to find out when this increase will take place but so far I can’t get a clear answer but it’s clear the bill raising the fee has been passed into law just not yet activated. So the basic message is you need to get your life time pass now. If you won’t be in or near a National Park in the near future you can get your pass from the National Park service at If you get your pass on the internet you will be charged a $10 processing fee but that’s still only $20 for a life time pass.

Geezers this is a FAST DEAL if you are 62 or older and don’t have your National Park Pass act now and only pay #10 for a life time of access to America’s National Parks.  If you read this and know someone who needs to get their pass do them a favor and forward this to them.