Off to Rome One More Time

Earlier this month I mentioned a repositioning cruise to Rome for around $920 for the cruise and the flight. That was an amazing deal but things just got better. Check out these prices

This Holland America cruise is only $35 a day with an ocean view! The whole deal comes together if you want to spend a week in Rome and then fly back for $297 on April 21.

That’s $789 per person for your 14 day cruise and your flight back to the states. Ok I understand you want to know what a motel in Rome will cost from the 13th of April till the 21st.

Well the answer is $476 Euro or $511. With the Euro almost 1 to 1 with the U.S. dollar is  so strong everything you do in Rome will be cheaper then it has been in years. Food, Taxies and gifts will all be impacted by the amazing new strength of the dollar. The last time Char and I were in Europe the exchange rate was 1.3 dollars to the Euro!

A final great advantage is that the Choice hotels are offering amazing deals on their hotels including their international hotels. If you stay the 8 days in the Rouge Et Noir and use the Barclay Choice Privilege card to pay for the room you should receive 15 points per dollar for your card and 10 points per dollar for your Choice loyalty program that’s 25 points per dollar spent. Not bad

One last point the $1588 dollars you spend on the flights and cruise would net you 4764 Chase points (1588 X3) when you use the Choice Sapphire Reserve to pay for these purchases.

So you and your favorite travel companion would be looking at a base cost of ~ $2100 for 22 days and that’s less then $100 a day for two adventurers! That is Geezer travel and also don’t forget you will also walk away with ~4764 Chase Reward points (worth 2 cents each) and a batch of  Choice Hotel points for when you get home.

If you like this deal move fast because it will go very fast I found the deal around 2PM EST on March 20th. Also if you are the proud owner of a pile of points in a card like the Barclay Arrival Plus you could use their statement credit system to pay for the entire trip.