My Beautiful Destinations

My Beautiful Destinations

There are thousands of travel blogs and web sites out there. The trick is to find the sites that are the most useful. Today while wondering the web I found a small website that offers an amazing tool. The site is if you are traveling and will spend time in a city that this site has written a blog on, you will find a wealth of traveler info in a very condensed form. They don’t offer a whole lot of photos but do offer a large amount of raw information on destinations visited. I would compare their City articles to what you would find on Wikipedia only much more in-depth. I’d describe it as a destination Wikipedia on steroids.

Their city descriptions are encyclopedic in nature and list bars, restaurants including 24 hour restaurants, night clubs, local transportation, attractions, weather and a myriad of other information that a traveler can use to maximize their experience. In July Charlene and I will take our grand-daughter Alyssia to Europe and I just sent her the My Beautiful Destination articles on the three cities we plan to visit so she can learn more about the cities.

The actual web site is simple in its design and navigation. When you log into you will get a plain page of text.

Click: Click here for overview of all cities , and you will be taken to a list of all the cities the authors have written blogs on. From this basic list click the city you are interested in and a page like the one to the right will come up. On this basic page if you click the photo or the name of the city you will be taken to the page with the text article describing the city of your choice. The city descriptions, that I have looked at are extremely in-depth. There is a discussion of airports and local transportation, night life, culture, attractions and a myriad of other information that will make your stay in the described city easier and more enjoyable. Without buying a guide-book for each city you visit I am not aware of any other Internet site that does a better job of describing so many cities in one central location on the web.

The site is building and at this time most of the blogs cover cities in the United States and Europe. I will be curious to go back in a few months and see how much has been added by the authors.

If you’re visiting a city and not familiar with it I would recommend pulling up and reading the article on your selected city. The information is concise and will give you a “cocktail knowledge” of the city you are visiting.

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