It’s Reposition Season and Europe is Cheap!

Each year the major cruise lines move their fleets from U.S. waters to Europe. These movements often take place between March and May and offer amazing savings for Geezer’s. Most people who are employed can’t or won’t take a full two week vacation to go cruise, but if your retired and have you’re bags packed these cruises can be a great way to get across the pond and have a fun time doing it. Char and I have been using these cruises for years and they are often part of  longer vacations where we have to get from the U.S. to Europe.

If you go to you will find the following deals offered from Florida to Europe today”

These 14 day cruises are all out of Florida ports with major airports and with a little planning can offer a couple a one way passage to a major European destination. At this time with many transatlantic carriers fighting for the best rates and the Euro at an all time low it’s possible to put together a nice European Vacation for pennies on the dollar.