Eclipse Crazy

Eclipse Crazy

So were off and running with the rest of America to the “solar eclipse”.  Stay close the Eclipse is creating a very interesting travel phenomena. In a swath across America there are little or no motel rooms left available because people are going to be staying on the path of the eclipse on August 21st of 2017.

I missed the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. I missed the Boston Marathon. I am not missing this really cool solar eclipse. This week I went on line and started trying to get a room in the heart of the eclipse and to my amazement the rooms were all gone! I understand Vegas filling up for a heavy weight championship fight. I understand Boston getting sold out for their Marathon but this is a swath of America and trust me the rooms are almost all gone.

There is hope go to Room Key and you may still find a room. This is the best web site to find rooms during the eclipse. Check it out and good luck.

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