Denver to London $352 RT

Denver to London $352 RT

Icelandair is now booking flights from Denver to Europe and some of the fares are the best our Denver friends have ever seen. Flying on the 29th of October and returning any Wednesday in November the round trip is $352!

Charlene and I flew Icelandair to Paris a few months ago and our flights were great. They offered a full free entertainment package and unlike some of the other discount airlines served free beverages and allowed us to have a small item and a carry on for free. The planes are modern, the seats in economy are roomy and the staff we had on both flights were professional and friendly.

Icelandair also offers a layover in Iceland that we would recommend. If you’re foot loose and have your bags packed the Icelandair flights to Europe are hard to beat.  An interesting price war is in place right now between the discount carriers like Icelandair and the major carriers like American Airlines and British Airlines and savvy travelers can enjoy the fruits of this price war by checking in at

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