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Back Home

For nearly 15 years Charlene and I raise kids in Casper, Wyoming and our trips back are always bitter-sweet. We rolled into Casper on Easter Sunday and enjoyed a nice day with our Daughter Tera and the grand kids. On Monday we blasted around town playing with taxes and banking and seeing as many old friends as possible.

When the weather is right there are few places more beautiful than the Wyoming Prairie in Spring. The plains were green with new grass and Casper Mountain was flecked with the white remains of the winter snow when we pulled into Casper. I know these things don’t last long but hitting a couple of perfect days in Casper was a treat.

Monday afternoon found us at a late lunch and one of Casper’s go to restaurants Sherrie’ Place. If you ever find your self in Casper go straight to Sherrie’s and order the home-made cinnamon rolls or the bread pudding (made with the cinnamon rolls). Do not show up if you’re on a diet. After your cinnamon roll you will want to try the amazing biscuits and gravy or the full plate chicken fried steak. My grand mother believed that one of the most important test for a cook was making good gravy and Sherri is a master. This little cafe is in downtown Casper at 310 West Yellowstone.

With only a half day left, in our old home, we invited the kids out to Armor’s Silver Fox steakhouse for dinner. The owner Bernard is a long time friend and as we hoped the restaurant was full of old friends. I know on this blog we talk a lot about Prime Rib but the simple fact is were still just old Wyoming folk and we love good beef. At the Silver Fox the beef isn’t just good it’s excellent and it has been for the 30 years we have been coming back. If you go visit Bernard you’ll discover an old style steakhouse with great service, excellent food and a quiet romantic atmosphere. The Silver Fox is only about a mile west of Casper on CY Avenue on the right hand side.

Full of Bernard’s prime rib we said good bye to our kids and friends and headed out-of-town for a late night drive to Gillette, Wyoming to see our son Will and his family. On the 2 hour drive up to Gillette Charlene and I talked about the years we had spent in Casper and how after being gone for over 10 years it was, in many ways, still home. It’s been many years since we have taken an American Road Trip and I had forgotten the simple joy of rolling down the road and sharing the joy of visiting the friends and family that in so many ways make us who we are.

Speaking of the people who made us who we are I’m sure between Sherri and Bernard over the 30 years I’ve eaten their food they have made me at least 20 more pounds of who I am.

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