A Look at Google Flights

A Look at Google Flights

https://www.google.com/flights/ Google Flights is unique in that you can put in a departure city like Miami and get the flight pricing for a broad-spectrum search like Europe or Asia.

If Charlene and I were planning a trip to Europe my first move might be to go to google flights and checking the cost of flying from our primary airport which is Miami into Europe. This search on the Google Flight search engine will show me a map like the one on the right. This gives me a snapshot of the cost of flights to Europe that will allow me to narrow my search. looking at the map I would probably want to explore flights from Miami to Paris. The Paris flight is only $360 so I know that there are going to be good deals into Paris. Again using the Google Flights search engine I can now do a search for the best day to fly to Paris. This second type of search will generate a calendar that will identify the cheapest days to fly from Miami to Paris. using these two search engines on Google flights in a matter of seconds I was able to identify that there are oneway flights from my home airport, Miami, to Europe for as cheap as 240 dollars if I fly to Paris on April 11th, 25th or 29th. With a single click I will be able to also check other months.

The power of the google flights tool doesn’t stop here the site offers some powerful options that can really help someone who is flexible and needs the best possible deal. The site also offers that ability to filter for the airline you want to fly with the class designation you want to use. Once you start to zero in on the flight you want the web site offers another money-saving tool called the ” tip section” which will automatically check for cheaper flights to nearby airports and alternative dates. The final tool I love is the Track Price tool that will email you if there is a change in the flight you are researching.

The final advantage of Google Flights is that this website picks up on most of the discount carriers like Ryan Air in Europe or Allegiant Air in the U.S. so you know you’re getting the best deals possible.

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