3000 Airlines Miles Bonus

3000 Airlines Miles Bonus

If you are not a member of the an airlines Dinning club it’s time to join. If you join now you will receive 3000 bonus air miles with any of the major American airlines.

The bonus is simple after you join the airlines  dining club you have 30 days to use your club membership 4 times. The first time you use your membership you will get a 1500 mile bonus and the next three time you will get a 500 mile bonus. On the left is American Airlines, AAdvantage Dining offer but all the major American airlines are making similar offers to new members. If your airline of choice is Delta you’re dining club of choice should be SkyMiles Dining. If United is your airline of choice go with MilagePlus Dining.

Even without the bonus everyone should be an Airline Dinning Club member. As a member you receive 5 air miles from your chosen airline for every dollar you spend. I like examples to let me give you a quick example. I you joined the AAdvantage Dining Club and during your first month had 4 – $100 meals you would receive the 3000 mile bonus plus for each dollar spent another 2000 air miles for you $400 worth of meals for a total of 5000 air miles with a travel asset value of ~ $85 ( 5000 X 1.7 cent value per AA mile). That alone is almost a 22% ($85 value of reward miles / $400 in spend on meals) return on your dining spend. Try to get that kind of discount any where else!

We choose to belong to the AAdvantage Dining Club because the value of the AA air miles are higher than either Delta or United miles but all three clubs are great deals.

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