IHG Rewards 50% Off in the Caribbean and Mexico

If you have IHG points and are ready for some beach time there is a sale on IHG properties for 50% off if you pay with reward points on select properties in the Caribbean and Mexico. To enjoy the 50% point discount you have to book your room by May 7, 2017 and stay between now and June 30, 2017.

A list of the participating Hotels can be found on the IHG web site. The one that caught my eye was the Holiday in Express in Cabo San Lucas where you can stay for 7,500 IHG points.

IHG has done similar discounts in the past and it pays to keep an eye on their web site for these very short term deals. Also check out the 100 hotels on IHG’s Point Break Program that are being booked for 5000 points. It is deals like these that will maximize your hotel reward points.

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