A Good Choice

The Choice Privilege Visa Credit Card offered by Barclay may be the best Branded Hotel Credit Cards in the market place right now. It has been in my wallet for about a year and I use it every time I stay at a Choice Hotel to pay for my room.

As I have mentioned in the past most hotel credit cards are not worth keeping in your wallet but because of their bonus offers are worth applying for. The Choice Privilege is an exception.

This card offers a 40,000 point bonus after you spend $1000 on the card in the first three months. That is as much as 5 free nights. This alone would justify applying for the card but the card has some other benefits that place it far above any other branded card in the market place.  The first unique factor offered by the Choice Privilege card is it’s annual fee—FREE. Thats right no annual fee!

No annual fee on this card is great but on top of that advantage the card will give you 8000 points at every yearly anniversary , thats one free night  a year just for keeping the card. No annual fee and 8000 points just for keeping the card each year is a better deal than I know of any where in the credit card industry. With this advantage I’m keeping this card for ever. This offer is only good till May 31st 2017 so act now!

With every credit card I always ask will I use this card to make purchases? The answer to this question with the Choice Privilege Card is YES. I will use this card to purchase all of my Choice Hotel Rooms because I get 15 Choice Privilege points for every dollar I spend on Choice Hotels. I value the Choice Privilege Points at about .75 cents a point. The reason for this value is that I can get $60 rooms in thousands of locations for as little as 8000 points. Doing the math I  divide the $60 dollar room by 8000 points and get .0075 which is .75 cent value a point. That being said when I get the 15 points per dollar on my Choice Room purchases when using my Choice Privilege card that gives me a 11.25 cent return on every dollar I spend on my rooms. As a Geezer that type of reward makes me very happy.

To check out the card and all of it’s policies go to the Choice Hotel site.

When deciding to get a branded hotel credit card a final consideration is very important, you have to ask, “will you use the motel chain?” Choice is a good hotel chain for Charlene and I. Unlike many bloggers Charlene and I don’t need fancy rooms, all we really look for when we travel are clean rooms wth hot water and comfortable beds and Choice Hotels’ rooms always fit these priorities. Most of the Choice Hotels offer a free breakfast, free parking, and free WiFi. Many of the high end hotel chains fail to offer even these small common amenities.

Choice Hotels also have an amazing Loyalty program that offers great advantages over and above the advantages offered by their credit card. The present offer being done by Choice Hotels is the  “Stay Two Times Earn a Free Night”. The stay two night and get one free is only good till the end of April but there will be another good deal coming.

Charlene and I have been on a road trip since March 15 across America and have stayed in about 10 Choice Motels. So far all of the rooms have been great, offering free breakfast, free WiFi, clean rooms, hot showers and comfortable beds for reasonable prices and we have amassed (between the “Stay two nights and get one night free” program and the 15 points per dollar spent on the card) enough points for seven free rooms! I don’t know of any other hotel chain that even goes close to this loyalty rewards return on your money.

As a Geezer who wants to travel a reasonably as possible the Choice Privilege Visa offered by Barclay is an amazing travel tool.