Blow Out Deals With Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels are making it a lot easier to see the World. Until April 27th Choice will be running a Stay Two Times, Earn a Free Night special. This special will be good at all of the Choice Hotel chains.

This is a great offer but like all offers a little less then advertised.  The offer doesn’t actually give to a free night but instead based on your two stays with choice you will get between 5000 and 8000 points. With 8000 points you can get a free night so like I said it’s just a little less then advertised and still an amazing Fast Deal. With this deal in place only until April 27th you do have to act quickly to enjoy it’s benefits.


Some of the fine print is important. First, you have to sign up for the promotion. Signing up is easy just go to the web site. On the home page if you scroll down you will find the “STAY TWO TIME”, hit the “Learn More” button and you will be taken to the location where you can register for the promotion.

I think the Choice Hotel’s loyalty program has always been one of the hidden gems in the travel world. Without this promotion because I am a Platinum member with Choice Hotels and I use my Choice Privilege Visa I get around 25 points per dollar I spend at a Choice Hotel so even without this great deal I was getting a free room every third or fourth stay with Choice Hotels. Now things just got a whole lot better this is what the math looks like now if I have two Choice Hotel Stays at a rate of $100 each night: Two stays 8000 pts plus my Choice Privilege Visa bonus of 15 x $200 (2 stays) plus the 250 points I receive each night I stay as a Platinum member = 11,250 points for the two nights. That’s  5,625 points per $100 stay. Ok, I value a Choice loyalty point at around .6 cents per point so the value of my loyalty on a $100 stay with this new promotion is about $33.75 (5,625 X .6 cents). Thats a lot of bang for your buck.

I don’t know anywhere in the travel world where you get a better return in travel loyalty value.  Ok that’s all good. In the fine print there are a few things you need to know. First, If you stay consecutive days in the same hotel that will be considered one stay. Your stays have to be different days in different hotels. Also you have to book your stays thru the app the web site or customer service. This is a big one because if you book with a third party like Expedia you won’t qualify. The fine print says, “Rooms booked at rates below $40 per night, complimentary rooms, rooms paid for as part of a convention or meeting, or rooms booked through a travel agent or third party online retailer as part of pre-paid wholesale rates, wholesale packages or senior tours.”

So recap, sign up for the free night program with Choice Hotels and you will get a ridiculous amount of points per independent stay until April 27th.

Charlene and I lucked out on this one because for the first time in 8 years were doing a  road trip across America to see some old friends and family. We plan to use and abuse this great deal every chance we get and as things develop I’ll let every one know if this deal is what it’s cracked up to be.